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Welcome to the New Era

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Hey everyone!

After a highly successful week of Beta testing the Skyblock Space and Western realms with SAGA and Legend players, we have just launched the network for everyone to enjoy today, Friday December 18th @ 2:00 PM EST / 6:00 AM AEST / 7:00 PM BST.

Thank you to all the Beta Testers that took the time to help us refine the new and existing features on MineSaga over the past week. We appreciate your dedication to creating a great server for everyone, and we hope that you look forward to playing alongside the rest of the community in today's release.

That being said, here's the official list of features, changes and new content that you can look forward to seeing on the server post-release. Some of these features have been mentioned in our previous announcements, however we wanted to recreate the list after making some changes and additions to the features.


Island Top Payouts: Both Skyblock Space and Western will have weekly Payouts for the top islands. Here's what you can expect to win:

1st: $200 Paypal
2nd: $50 Paypal & $90 Buycraft
3rd: $25 Paypal & $50 Buycraft
4th: $25 Buycraft
5th: $15 Buycraft

How do we get our payout if we win?
Set your PayPal email on the server with the command: /paypal
Set your Buycraft email on the server with the command: /giftcard

Realm Merges and Closures

One of the first things we noticed when we took over MineSaga was that the network had too many realms for the current playerbase size. As a result of this, we have decided to close all realms except for the most popular two - Space and Western.

All ranks, both realm specific and global, will be converted into redeemable balance that can be used via /redeem in the hubs. This means that you can use it on new ranks for the Space and Western realms. We will no longer be offering global ranks for purchase.

SAGA & Legend Ranks

SAGA and Legend ranks will no longer be global, and instead will be realm specific. You can purchase these ranks on either Space or Western, or both if you wish, and they will behave like rank 6 and rank 7.

Before we made these changes, realms would only have 5 ranks, with Commander and Cowboy being the highest on each one. Now, SAGA will be the highest rank on both realms.

SAGA’s and Legends will get their ranks on BOTH realms.


The Adventures world is a survival world, where you start with nothing and gather resources like you would do in normal vanilla Minecraft. Your goal in the Adventures world is to complete challenges to earn rewards for the Skyblock World.

Image from Gyazo

Rewards consist of money, spawners and more! To access the Adventures menu, do /adventures. Challenges mostly consist of mining a certain amount of ores, for example diamond, gold, iron, and other specific goals such as sniping creepers, crafting golden apples or redstone items, gathering wither skeleton heads and more!

There are daily challenges that are fairly easy and don't take too much time to complete, and weekly challenges that are harder and would most likely need to be completed over a series of days. Rewards are shown when you hover over the challenge, as well as an indicator that shows you how much progress you've made towards completion.

If you are able to complete all of the base challenges (this does not include daily or weekly challenges) then you will receive the Completionist reward!


Take part in any of the 3 games that we have to offer at the Casino - Slots, Coinflip and Rock-Paper-Sword! Simply type /casino in chat to warp there, you could cash out big money!

Each table has different stakes - low, medium, high and extreme. The higher the stake, the more money you're willing to risk when playing the Casino games. Take a look at what you can expect to see when you play these games.


Rock, Paper, Sword



The Boss Showdown event takes place once a day in the Boss World, and players will be given 5 minutes to join the event before it begins via /boss. Anyone that is participating in the event will have to battle all of the new bosses - Warlord, Titan and Skull one after the other. At the end of battling the bosses, the powerful and dangerous Wither Boss will appear.

The Wither Boss only appears at the end of the Boss Showdown, you won't see it spawn at any other time during the day unlike Warlord, Titan and Skull - who will all appear by themselves at intervals throughout the day. This boss is even more powerful than the other bosses, so be careful and well prepared when battling it! While you are waiting for the Wither boss to appear after defeating the other bosses, you can use /ally [name] to request someone else to aid you in the battle.

Players will receive some awesome rewards for completing the Boss Showdown, including the new Wither Crate Key. The Wither Crate has the chance to give you a piece of the Wither Mob Armor among other rewards.


PocketPets are your own little friends that give you different useful buffs when they're walking with you. These pets be purchased and upgraded at the pet keeper or using /pets. The buffs that the pets give you can be specific to yourself, or apply to your entire island if you are the island owner.

Upgrading a pet decreases it’s downtime by up to 80%, meaning you can use it more frequently. You can upgrade your pet to a max level of 6.


Outpost can be found in /warp outpost. To capture the outpost, you need to stand on it and prevent any other islands from the capturing the point for 90 seconds. It will also take 90 seconds to de-capture the Outpost. If any other player who is not on your island enters the capture zone, they can de-capture the Outpost and capture it for themselves, if you're not there to fight them off. You can not capture the outpost without any armor on, so naked players who will try to snipe the Outpost, will be sorely disappointed.

The Outpost gives a spawner booster (1.25x) and an EXP booster that increases gradually as the season progresses. As well as this, it periodically gives you money while you capture it, which also increases throughout the season.

Do /outpost to find out more information relating to the Outpost, including who is currently capturing it.



Get valuable island blocks from these bad boys while also having the option to make money with the autosell feature. Upgrade your generators for them to have more storage and faster production speed.

We have revamped Generators, by firstly removing the Random Generators - from what we were told and understand these generators were very powerful especially near the start of the season. Despite this, you can still get Iron, Gold, Diamond and Emerald Generators. As well as this, generators now give out both the ore block and the ingot, whereas before generators would give out the full diamond, emerald, gold blocks etc.

We have introduced 2 tiers to generators, Basic and Advanced. To upgrade your Basic Generator to Advanced, you'll need to find and use a Generator Grade. These can be found in the Dungeon Crate and the Limited Gem Shop.

However, before you can upgrade your generator, you must make sure your generator is the maximum level, with the maximum amount of pages. You can upgrade your generator and the pages using Generator Charms and Page Charms, which can be found in Event Crate, Advanced Crate and Gem Shop. Generators have a max level of 2, with a max amount of pages being 3.

The Advanced Generator allows you to automatically sell the items it generates, however to activate this perk you'll need to find and use an Auto Sell Charm. After you've done this, your Generator is complete!


Cosmetics & Tags

We have some brand new cosmetics that we are introducing to MineSaga. Be the best looking player will all the sweet cosmetics, simply use the command /cosmetics to bring up the menu. Cosmetics currently consist of trails and kill effects. You can either purchase these from the server store, or unlock them in-game by completing quests or finding them in crates.

If you have already unlocked tags in-game, then you will still have access to those tags. They will be available for you to select in the /tags menu.

Power Shop Items

Introducing the special shop which includes some very powerful, but expensive items. Each of these items have additional requirements you will have to meet before you are able to purchase them. The requirements are different for each Power shop item.

You can view and buy these items in /pshop.

Upgradable Cobblestone Generators

Cobblestone generators start at level 1 and generate ores straight away, however it will be the basic ore blocks. Upgrade your generators in your /island upgrades section to create more valuable ore blocks when mining your cobblestone generator.

Image from Gyazo

When using your cobblestone generator for the first time, you'll see a hologram appear that prompts you to check out the cobblestone generator settings in Island Upgrades by clicking on it. This hologram will disappear after 30 seconds so it won't get in the way.

To upgrade your generator, you'll need to mine a certain amount of blocks on your island, then pay a money fee. This goal is reached by all members of your island mining ores together, not each individual player.

Image from Gyazo

Mob Armor

This brand new armor can be crafted like normal armor in a crafting table, however you must be using using Enhanced Mob Heads instead of ores or ingots. Enchanted Mob Heads can be created by using 8 normal mob heads and a diamond block in a crafting table. They can also be a rare drop from killing mobs.

Each individual piece of Mob Armor will give you an effect, as well as this, if you have a full set of the same type of Mob Armor, you will get an additional special ability that is unique to that set. The unique abilities are powerful but include cooldown timers.

All Mob Armor pieces behave like Protection 5 Diamond armor. When an armor piece runs out of durability, it will stay in the worn armor slot however it will behave just like normal leather armor - so practically useless. There will be a message in chat letting you know that a piece of your armor has been broken.

To fix the armor's durability, you will need to charge it up by killing mobs that are the same as the Mob Armor type whilst wearing the armor. For example, you will need to kill Iron Golems if you wish to charge up your Iron Golem Mob Armor. If you have Wither Armor, then you have to deal damage to any type of boss to charge it up.


Grab your vote, daily, weekly or monthly deliveries from the delivery man at spawn, and redeem some free stuff! To be able to claim any of the packages from the delivery man, you'll first need to vote.

As well as claiming the above packages, you can also claim deliveries relating to the rank that you currently own in-game, with higher ranks being able to claim better deliveries.


These helpful Minions allow for a lot of automation on your islands. We've reworked how they function, which includes removing a few features and adding some more useful modes. These modes include:

Mob Attack
Spawner Activate
Mining Mode
Tunnel Mining
Mob Grinding
Chunk Load

As well as this, there is a Gathered Experience button that you can click on to retrieve all of the EXP that you Minion has farmed for you. Minion Microchips, which you can win from crates or purchase from the Gem Shop, can upgrade your Minion. Upgrading your Minion means that it will be boosted in all modes and will allow it to become more efficient.


Farmer’s Quota

To begin doing Farmer's Quota tasks, do /quota in chat. You'll be able to do one task per day, with each task completed giving even better rewards than the previous day's task. You'll only have a certain amount of time to complete each task to get the reward, so make sure you do it in time!


The SagaPass allows players to complete a wide variety of challenges to win rewards! The challenges vary from opening Skydrops, player kill counts or duels won, to dealing damage to bosses, gaining pet levels and lots of other interesting tasks.

When you complete the challenges, the rewards you receive are definitely worth your time. You can win spawners, keys, EXP, pouches, money and more!

Players who have purchased the Premium SagaPass from our server store will get 2 rewards per challenge completed compared to the Free Pass that everyone has access to. Grab yourself the Premium SagaPass Pass from the server store here.


You can earn Gems by doing a bunch of different things in-game, such as mining at The Cave, killing mobs, winning from crates, obtaining from Skydrops and answering the Chat Quiz questions correctly.

Spend your Gems in the /gemshop to purchase items that you would usually find on the server store, such as armor, enchantment books, tools, crate keys, pouches, robots and more!

Chat Quiz

You can now participate in server related trivia questions, math problems or unscramble questions that will appear in chat periodically! Be the first person to answer the question correctly and win in-game money!

Super Charge

You can Supercharge your spawners by adding Mob Heads to them using /supercharge. This allows you to boost the spawn rates of mobs from spawners until the Mob Head fuel runs out. You will need matching Mob Heads to fuel specific types of spawners - so cow heads are required to boost cow spawners, and so on.

All spawners of that specific type will be boosted across your Island when you Supercharge them.

Fast Place

Use the command /fp [tier] [horizontal/vertical] to turn on Fast Place, depending on which direction you'd like to place blocks. You must be holding the blocks in your hand that you wish to place. If you don't have the sufficient amount of blocks in your hand - say you're placing 16 at a time but only have 10 left in your inventory - then Fast Place will simply place all the remaining blocks. Do /fp to disable Fast Place.

Here's how many blocks that each tier of Fast Place will place:
  • Tier 1: 4 blocks
  • Tier 2: 8 blocks
  • Tier 3: 16 blocks
  • Tier 4: 32 blocks
  • Tier 5: 64 block

Void Chests

Sell items quickly and easily using Void Chests. These useful chests allow you to sell items by simply placing the items in the chest! Void Chests will sell anything that is usually sell-able in the /shop and there is a 0% tax.

Do /voidchests to see where all of the Void Chests are on your island, who owns them and how much money they have made. You can also toggle whether or not you want the money to go to your balance or /is bank.


We have made a few changes to spawners this season. Instead of just buying the spawners straight away in /shop, you must unlock each tier of spawner using correlating mob heads. The max stack size for each spawner is 150 spawners.

Warzone Drop Party

Warzone Drop Party events happen at certain intervals throughout the day, and the money that is dropped in the Warzone is based on a percentage of everyone's money spent in /shop since the previous Warzone Drop Party earlier in the day.

Simply drop into the Warzone and grab as many money notes as you can before they're gone!

To find out when the next Warzone Drop Party event is, do /wdp


Chunk Hoppers

Chunk hoppers collect everything in the chunk that it is placed in and have a double chest inventory space. You can upgrade the speed that they transfer items and you can also upgrade each chunk hopper to autosell. However, unlike void chests, chunk hoppers have a 10% tax for all items sold in them.


Fight your way through the dungeon by fighting the monsters that stand in your way. To access the Dungeon, you must have a Dungeon Pass which can be purchased or found in crates. You must right-click on the Dungeon Pass to use it in the /dungeons menu. You will then be teleported to the Dungeon where you will have to last as long as you can without dying.


The Cave

To access The Cave simply do /warp cave. As you make your way through the cave system, you will find different mobs and ores along the way. Your objective is to kill the mobs ore mine ores for experience, with a chance that you could find rare items whilst doing so.

Visit the Merchant to purchase upgrades that could help you along the way.




We have removed the Butcher Machine, however the Auto Farmer and Amplifier machines still remain. If you're not familiar with what they do, we will give you a quick recap.

Auto Farmer

The Auto Farmer is a Machine that will automatically harvest and plant crops in a nearby radius.

Your machine will auto sell all crops for you.
It shoots a particle beam at the block it's harvesting or planting
No time limit on how long you can use this machine during the day



An Amplifier will boost certain aspects of your island for a short period of time when active. This will increase spawn rates, crop growth rates, and more.

No time limit on how long you can use this machine during the day


New Island Builds

We've create a number of new island builds that you can choose from whilst creating an island via /is. These new islands are tributes to the current open Skyblock realms, as well as the old MineSaga Skyblock realms that were unfortunately closed - with themes relating to Space, Western, Jurassic, Mystic and Kingdom.






We look forward to seeing you all on the server! Thank you once again to all of the players who have helped us out during the Beta Testing period this past week. We appreciate you taking the time out of your days to help make MineSaga the best is can possibly be. Here's to the future of this great network, and see you soon.

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