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No_haxs_just_pro's Staff App

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Well-known member
Minecraft Username no_haxs_just_pro

Age 20

Timezone My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Country United States of America

Realm Activity Space

Activity Monday - 10:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday - 11:00am - 5:30pm
Wednesday - 12:30pm - 6:30pm
Thursday - 10:00am - 9:30pm
Friday - 8:am - 11:00pm
Saturday - 9:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday - 10:00am- 11:30pm

Experience RetRonix:

Rank: Sr. Mod

Duration of Position: 1 Months (January 2018- February 2018)

I remember how enthusiastic I felt about being accepted into Retronix’s staff team starting out as a Helper, which happened to be introductory to what would be an exhilarating experience. When I was promoted to the position of Sr Mod, I was expected to help supervise a decently sized community of approximately 300 players. Being bestowed this position, my new responsibilities were what a traditional high-ranking staff member would expect; banning rule-breakers, reviewing ban appeals and staff applications, player reports, etc. Contributing to the server and being engaged in the community has made me worthy of being staff, as it has made me more adept and perspicacious.


Rank: Moderator

Duration of Position: 7 Months (May 2018- November 2018)

After I was given a warm welcome to AppleCraft’s management team, I grew attached to the amiable community and the server in general. Performing my duties was a hustle, as the player count for this server was over 2000 players. Our staff team was deficient of members, but my experience at Retronix was a prodigious benefit. Because I was only a Moderator, I was given simple non-complex responsibilities such as ensuring the players weren’t acting like nuisances, muting or kicking anyone who refused to submit to the rules, spectating players for possible uses of blacklisted-modifications, etc. Keeping up with a great quantity of players was a slight struggle as there were only 2 other moderators, but it was still very manageable.

Trashy Server:

Rank: Helper

Duration of Position: 9 Months (December 2018 - August 2019)

Trashy Server shut down because of the meager amount of active players, but my time holding a Helper position was captivating, as I gained quite a few friends. The average player count was around 100 but began to decline rapidly. My duties as Helper were fairly straightforward, as my only jobs were to obey orders, answer questions efficiently, handle player reports, mute, and contribute to moderating the server discord. While the server was filled with active players, I strongly believe I helped the community be a more positive place in general.


Rank: Moderator

Duration of Position: 3 Months (October 20, 2019 - January 25, 2020)

MineSaga has a very large and great community. My job as a mod on MineSaga included a wide variety of everyday tasks such as punishing hackers, reviewing ban appeals & player reports, and helping moderate the discord, making sure to keep the chat clean and appropriate for all players in the community, and handling bot attacks when they strike. While I had to properly maintain chat, it was difficult sometimes, but that helped me grow in life and be successful.

From the experiences I have, I learned to have good communication skills, time-management, keeping up with pace, helping others, giving everyone a chance, listening skills, being appropriate, being friendly, calming, nice to talk to. These experiences will help me become a better person. When I was staff, I was in the front line of communication to answer questions and keep up. I had to learn and learn on how I could become a better staff for the players and what I could do to make a positive impact on the players. I had to learn to multitask; I also learned how to work with a team that I didn’t know and had to work with the community and listen to their feedback. When the owner or the staff manger made an announcement in the staff discord we would ask questions about it on how we could become better at it and ask if we are doing this correctly and if they weren't there to ask, we would ask the admins to help us on that topic. Why these experiences make me right for the helper role is because my strengths are communication, working as a team or in groups, being on topic and focused. Honesty and responsibility and trustworthiness play a factor in staffing because if you have those then the community will come to you with questions and they rely on you to tell the truth to them. Like MineSaga I was trusted by the players that they could count on me to help them and make them understand about that item. When there would be a new staff member the whole staff team would greet that person to make them feel welcomed to the team, and they were asking a lot of questions about where communication comes into play. I had to keep up with these questions rapidly and I got it done, I knew whatever I could do to make them a better staff will help them and help the community as well. I had to make sure I was staying on topic when answering their questions so I would answer another question mixed in with the other questions.

Explain Good communication skills: Good communication skills are the most important a staff member possesses. Being a helper you have to do a lot of quick thinking, multi tasking, and problem solving. What those all mean are how well you are able to communicate with people. When I was staff on MineSaga I had to keep up with chat, getting information sent to the admins, and owners Ex: a missing block, or duping. I also had to multitask while still helping out the community for example: I would be on skyblock and I get sent a report msg and I do over to the realm to help him on his island while still helping others in chat asking “what does this item do”. Helpers stand in the middle from the higher up staff and the community they get information and they send it.

Helpfulness - Helpfulness is one of the traits that I possess. I love helping others whether that'll be in-game or even at school, forums, discord, or even TeamSpeak. I do my best to help a wide range of players. Within my power, I will try my hardest to help players so that they can continue playing on MineSaga. When a new player arrives on AppleCraft, I would also greet them, welcome them to the server and make them feel welcomed so they can have a fun time on AppleCraft and show them around the server.

Patience - Patience is a significant key quality of being a staff member on any server. You have to take some of your time helping and checking to see if anyone is in need of assistance or has a question. I take my time on things, whether it be trying to get done with an assignment, or even a simple task on Minecraft. I never rush anything because you could easily make an error. If you’re assisting someone and they take a long time to respond, then you must be patient and not rush them. I would never rush anyone on RetRonix while they were asking me for help because I would know if I did, they wouldn’t properly think and rush to say something to make it feel they weren’t wasting my time which I never wanted to happen.

Work Ethic - I have an outstanding work ethic whether in work and while I play on MineSaga and even in public. I attempt to do my best at everything I do. Work Ethic is a foremost trait that a staff member needs because they need to get the job done is a timely matter and fashion. I would always try my best on MineSaga when I was a helper because I wanted to set an example for the newcomers and make them feel welcomed to have a good time on MineSaga and make them feel like they have someone to also talk to anything about, express their feelings to me and I would also be there for them and listen and communicate to them about how they could change, remove, add, or keep the same style of the way they were playing.

Maturity - While on the server, I am professional because you need to build a certain reputation for yourself. You need to create the impression that you’re being helpful, not acting like a nuisance. I know everyone makes a joke here and there, but I try my best to show my standard towards the players and staff to show I’m capable of receiving the rank.

Responsibility - I am very responsible and whenever something has to get done, I'll do it with no problems. I take my time to get it done correctly. My responsibilities always get finished, either before or at the deadline. Unlike a laggard, I’m never late. I keep up a firm pace with what I’m supposed to do. I delight in helping people at work, on Minecraft, or even in public, as well as always have proof of anything. My time during staffing, if I ever did something wrong, make a mistake of staffing, I would also go to my staff manager and admit to them that I did wrong and tell them how I can fix that and look back where I went wrong, so I could be trusted to be on the staff team and keep the rank.

Honesty - If I were to be accepted as staff on MineSaga I will never be a fabricator towards anyone, and always give everyone the same judgment no matter what. I will never be dishonest to the staff, and always tell the truth whether I like or dislike it. I provide clear proof for all punishments that I'm required to provide proof for, whether I screenshot or even record evidence of someone cheating. I was always honest on MineSaga, I always admitted to my wrong doings, so I can feel I'm honest with everyone.

What I learned from all those traits on how they relate to the helper role is that, we should try our best to help people whenever; like one time I was on MineSaga and I was having a really rough day, and I didn’t feel like getting on but I did because whatever I could do for someone could have a positive impact on their live. Also all those traits relate to the helper role because in order for you to become a mature and responsible staff member you should possess at least 2 of those traits or even all of them, we should always be willing to help someone and even welcome them to a new server that they just joined. Helper isn't about getting a cool rank to show off, it’s about being responsible, helpful and being mature to set a positive example for the players and make an impact on them


New member
Considering every time I have seen you so far just in discord alone (Both before I blocked you to remove you from my side of chat and after when I occasionally open to check who typed) You have been a nuisance and toxic. Also I'm pretty sure this is a staff app of yours you copied and pasted from old MineSaga which doesn't exactly scream that you give a care in the world now...

As far as in-game goes. You were toxic as a staff member on here during your time. And to my knowledge inside of the discord you even stated at least once that you have no desire to even play MineSaga at all which last I checked a staff member needs to actually be active in-game.

-1 from me.


Well-known member
-1 You are immature and toxic, I ended up demoting you because of those reasons. you were also blacklisted for leaking staff documents.


Administration Team
Staff member
Senior Administrator
Hello there @No_haxs_just_pro , Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications on our forums anymore. We would love you to apply over on our discord server ( https://discord.gg/minesaga ). Once you have joined you can go to the #support channel and type "-new" and from there the bot will Direct Message you and from there you will select the 7'th option for applications.

From everyone, we wish you very good luck!
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