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IMPORTANT MineSaga Rules and Guidelines

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MineSaga Rules and Guidelines

This thread contains all the rules and guidelines you need to abide by when playing on the MineSaga network. If you do not follow these rules you will be punished by a member of our staff team. If you see anyone breaking these rules and wish to report them, feel free to make a thread in our player reports section.

Blacklisted and Approved Modifications
Below is a list of approved and blacklisted modifications to the Minecraft client for use on MineSaga. This list will include but is not limited to Mods, Clients, Macros, Scripts, etc. Mods that are not listed here are used at your own risk, meaning that if it is found that it gives you an unfair advantage, you will be banned. This list is subject to change at any point as deemed necessary by the MineSaga staff team. Any and all requests for additions to this list should go in the suggestions section on the forums.

Approved Modifications
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Forge
  • Console Clients
  • Armor Status HUD
  • Potion Status HUD
  • Direction HUD
  • Coordinates and FPS HUD
  • Keystrokes HUD
  • Macro/Keybinding mods
    • NOTE: Any macro that auto-clicks for you is not allowed and will result in a ban.
    • NOTE: Any macro that automatically presses a series of keys for you is not allowed.
    • NOTE: Any macro that issues a command while mining is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Damage Indicators
  • Waypoints
  • 5zig
  • Reis Minimap or any minimap mod (players/entities must be disabled)
  • Better Sprint or any mod that binds sprinting and sneaking to a key
  • TooManyItems / NotEnoughItems
  • Brightness mods
  • TabbyChat
  • Chunk display mods
  • Schematica (Printer is allowed)
  • Cosmetic mods (client-sided capes or other accessories that give no server-sided advantage)
  • GUI clients such as Badlion, Labymod etc.
Blacklisted Modifications
  • Hacked/Ghost Clients (Vape, Wurst, etc.)
  • Autoclickers
  • Timer
  • Mods that provide cheating functionality (tracers, triggerbot, fly, chest esp, no fall, auto tool, kill aura, etc.)
  • X-Ray mods and resource packs
  • Any form of spam bot
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • BetterPvP
  • TapeMouse
  • OQ Minebot (or such variants and forks of)
For any questions regarding approved or blacklisted mods, please contact a member of the staff team.

Forum, Chat, and Discord Rules

Mini Mod

Don't mini-mod, it is not your job to do so.

Post Farming (Forums only)
Replying to old threads that are clearly not in need of any reply to boost your messages is not allowed. You will have your messages reset if you are caught doing this.

Flooding & Off-Topic (Forums only)
Flooding a thread with one reply after another instead of editing your previous message, or dragging a thread off-topic, or replying with information that does not contribute to the thread is not allowed.

Vulgar Language
While we allow swearing on our network, you are not allowed to excessively, or constantly swear, and swearing at players is also disallowed. Our network is open to those of all ages, so please be respectful of others and be careful with what you say as lots of children play on our network and we would like this to be a safe environment for them.

Inappropriate chat behavior
Posting anything that could be deemed inappropriate such as sexual jokes is not allowed. Be sensible and use your initiative as to what you think may be classed as inappropriate.

Double Posting
Double posting is not allowed at all. This includes sending the same message again with a few corrections in it rather than just sending the correction below. Double posting will get you warned, and if you continue you will be muted. Console clients are also not allowed to double post. Messages have to be 2 minutes apart if you are setting up a script on them.

Advertising and links in chat
Links in chat are fine as long as they do not advertise any other Minecraft server or contain anything that could be deemed as inappropriate. Do not put in chat any links such as referral links or anything along those lines. Advertising of any Discord server is not allowed. Advertising any other Minecraft network is not allowed. Whether this is a YouTube video that advertises another server (as mentioned above) or an IP in chat. This includes in private messages.

Spam Encouragement
An example of this would be "Who wants free money??". You are not allowed to encourage the chat to spam. Doing so will get yourself muted.

Player Disrespect and Staff Disrespect
Be kind to all players on our network and keep the levels of disrespect to a minimum. Any serious disrespectful comments will get you punished, as well as constantly disrespecting/attacking players.

Our staff team works very hard to keep the server up to the right standards. Please respect them and make them feel welcomed. Whether you call them "a bad staff member" or personally insult them, this is staff disrespect. If you do think they are a bad staff member then you can report them on the forums.

Racism and Discrimination
Racism and Discrimination is quite frankly disgusting. If you are caught saying anything racist or discriminating you will punished on the network. Some examples of this are calling people disrespectful nicknames based on their racial group, calling people homophobic names and categorising people into ethnic groups. Whether you mean this to harm someone, or you are saying it in a joking manner to your friends, you will be banned.

Suicidal Encouragement
Anyone caught saying death threats, or encouraging someone to hurt themselves will be banned from the network. Again, even if you say "kys" to a friend, it is not acceptable and you will be punished.

DDos or DOX Comedy
Both of the above things are completely illegal and will not be tolerated at all on our network. Where you are joking around to your friends saying that you are going to "ddos them", or whether you actually plan on following through with your threat, you will be removed from the network. This is completely unacceptable.

Staff Impersonation
Pretending to be a staff member is against our rules. This can be in the form of nicknaming yourself to the name of a staff member, saying that you're going to give out punishments, or just straight up telling people that you are a staff member. You will be muted if you are caught doing this.

Inappropriate Nickname
Anything that you put as your nickname that you would not say in chat is classed as an inappropriate nickname. If you put anything in your nickname that breaks the rules above you will be asked to remove it. If you fail to do so you will lose permission to change your nickname.

Wasting staff time
Our staff are a crucial part of our network, and having their time wasted is extremely annoying. Anything from false reports, leading staff on or creating false problems for them to come and try and solve is not allowed.

Network Rules

Auto Mine Macros

Auto mine macros are not allowed at all. This essentially means that you cannot leave an alternative account running 24/7 executing commands while still mining. This includes them being able to /fix all or executing commands like /home.

Double-clicking or using multiple mice
Using any mouse that has the ability to double click is not allowed. Similarly to this, using more than one mouse to click for you is not allowed. You may only click with one key or one-click button.

Binding Key to Click
Binding any key to click for you is not allowed as it will automatically click when holding it down and is essentially an autoclicker.

Dungeons and Alts
You may not use any alt accounts inside Dungeons. Whether you are intending to get the alt through the Dungeon or just leave it standing AFK at the Dungeon spawn to gain more rewards, you are not allowed to do so. Caught doing so and you risk getting your Island disqualified.

Moving while using Schematica
Using any sort of mod or software to automatically move your Minecraft client such as a camera mod while you are printing or using schematica or any other variation is not allowed as this resembles a bot.

Schematica, Block stacks, and Auto Farming
Using any mod or any type of software to instantly replant crops for you after you have harvested them or to continuously break blocks is not allowed. This includes 1x1 farms or anything else that are used to "point or key farm".

Using any form of schematica/printer to automatically place blocks onto a block stack is not allowed.

Island Top
There are a few rules for island top. Coupons are to be used before the following Friday unless you are told otherwise. Coupons are also to be used on the realm you win them on unless you are told otherwise.

TP Trapping
TP trapping will get you banned, whether this may be a nether portal trap or something else. Don't do it and expect to get away with it.

Using excessive accounts to stand there and do nothing in places like spawn or random spots around your island is not allowed. Only use the accounts you roughly need to use to allow your islands/cells to function properly.

Ban Evasion
If you are banned from MineSaga and you try to login to another account while you are still banned, you will be blacklisted from the network and unable to join ever again. We strongly suggest not using alt shops as they commonly resell the same account. These accounts are usually banned on MineSaga so if you login you may be banned by our staff team for ban evading.

Cheating and key mapping
Anything that gives you an advantage over another player is classed as cheating. From autoclicking to xray to mob aura, you are not allowed to do this. Caught doing this and you will be permanently banned from the network.

Using a program to change the layout of your keyboard to allow you to left-click when you press any key is not allowed. Doing this will get you banned. Using a console client or bot to click for you with any kind of script or program is not allowed.

IS Top Disqualification
If the island owner or a member is caught breaking the rules significantly that island will be banned from competing in is top results that week.

IRL trading and Account Sales
This is completely prohibited. You are not allowed to trade anything in-game for money on any platform. An example of this would be selling your spawners for PayPal money. This is not allowed, however, you can sell your spawners in exchange for buycraft items that another user purchases for you. This also includes selling your island top gift cards. If found out, they will just be deleted.

Account sales, including discussion of such sites and markets, are also not allowed, we are not a marketplace.

Scamming and Auction House Scamming
Scamming is not allowed at all. However, you do the scam, whether it be through renaming spawners and putting them on the auction house or doing it via /trade you will be banned. It is not fair for other players to be scammed all of their hard work.

Insiding is now bannable. If you are insided please leave a player report. We may not be able to recover all your items but we will be able to ban the player that insided you. This should hopefully prevent a lot of people from insiding. Items placed on any island become the property of the island leader. If the island leader chooses to kick you, we cannot get your items back.

Economy Abuse
We offer a server-based economy with a shop that has unlimited funds, however, sometimes we may misconfigure this which results in unfair economy advantages such as buying something, and selling it for more, or a spawner being too cheap as apposed to its projected income. Another example of this would be a block in the shop that gives a lot more island value than it should do. Please note this only applies to server provided economies or features, such as /shop.

Report Abuse & Help OP
We implemented a command for you to report players to make it easier for you. Abusing this by putting in false reasons to get a staff members' attention, or putting in random rubbish is a punishable offense.

Exploiting or Bug Abuse
Exploiting and bug at all, whether it be vanilla Minecraft or one of our plugins is not allowed. Things like duplication glitches are completely prohibited from using and you should report to a staff member if you ever stumble across one. Failing to report any exploits or bugs will result in your being blacklisted.

Discord Sync
You are only allowed to sync your main discord account, that's the one you actively play on to discord. No alts or console clients, even if they are only used on a temporary measure, are allowed to be synced.

Console Client Rules

We have many different rules that you have to abide by when using a Console Client on our network. A lot of them are scattered throughout this rules post but this section will put all of these rules into one.

A console client is a lightweight application that allows you to connect to the server. It will allow you to send commands and do actions without having to open the full Minecraft launcher. Using anything other than a full Minecraft launcher is considered to be a Console Client. Different variations of Minecraft launchers such as Badlion Client or Lunar Client are not considered to be console clients.

Console clients are only permitted to run commands, pick up items, drop items, and send one automated message every 2 minutes at the most.

You are not allowed to do any other interactions within the game such as linking to Discord accounts, breaking or placing blocks, interacting with inventories, or left or right-clicking.
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