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Mark0_5's Staff App

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Minecraft Username Mark0_5

Age 17

Timezone GMT+9

Country South Korea

Realm Activity Space

Activity I am able to put 30 hours+ per week into Minesaga.

Experience yea I was a staff in a lot of servers. I was able to catch 2 hackers and about 39 scammers + people using bad words

Explain I played Minesaga since 2018 when Grapeapplesauce started this server in Kingdoms. I enjoyed playing and I since grown a liking to this enormouse community. If I become staff, I will do my best to keep this community to be safe from hackers, scammers, greifers and people who use bad words. Even If I fail this application, I will still do my best as a person part of this community. If I get accepted, I will work my best.
Thank you for reading and sorry if there were some English mistakes. Since I am not from America, I am bad at English grammer :(
Thank you


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Your application lacks detail and clarity.
I suggest you add more detail and work on your activity.

Good Luck,


-1 , Lack of detail. You could've explained more what would you bring to the server etc. You could've listed minecraft servers you were staff on. For english grammar, you could've used extension Grammarly. It is free extension on chrome!

Wish you luck <3


Administration Team
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Senior Administrator
Hello there @Mark0_5 , Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications on our forums anymore. We would love you to apply over on our discord server ( https://discord.gg/minesaga ). Once you have joined you can go to the #support channel and type "-new" and from there the bot will Direct Message you and from there you will select the 7'th option for applications.

From everyone, we wish you very good luck!
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