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Colletidae's Staff App

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Well-known member
Minecraft Username
My current in-game username is Colletidae.

I am 21 years of age.

My timezone is Eastern Standard - PST

I currently reside in the United States.

Realm Activity
The majority of my activity is on Space.

M-Tue: 4-5 hours per day.
F-Sun: anytime.
Discord: anytime

Absolutely! I do indeed have staffing experience.

I was a Mod twice here at MineSaga and I loved the experience. However, I have staffed on other large servers such as LemonCloud & MineTime.

I have also staffed on TheSquadMC as an Admin and I handled all events and managed the staff team. This server averaged 100-200 players at all times. A few other servers I staffed on were VenomPvP, GlowstonePVP, RageRaid, ZeroPVP.

In my previous experiences with staffing, I have learned a lot. On LemonCloud, I learned a lot because this was one of my first larger staffing experiences. When I was a Mod, I handled the player reports, player appeals, in-game moderation, and other platform moderations. With this experience I learned how to handle multiple players messaging me at once which would get crazy at times but it really taught me how to multitask in a fast past moderation environment. On TheSquadMC, I handled all events as an Administrator and helped interview potential staff candidates. I also did appeals, reports, staff reports, and day to day moderation. This experience really helped me with learning how to manage a team and it taught me more responsibility which I loved. On MineSaga, I continued my learning but I really learned a lot from the smaller servers I staffed on before LemonCloud & MineSaga. On the few smaller servers such as RageRaid, McAri, ZeroPVP, VenomPvP, and GSPVP I learned the basic staffing commands and it really prepared me for larger & better staffing opportunities.

Hey there!

I will be reposting my old previous application that was denied due to all I had to work on was my activity and it’s been longer than two weeks since I was denied. I was told to reapply after reset, therefore, here we are. c:

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to look at my application, I’m looking forward to working with you more in the future once again if given the opportunity. Yes, I was away from the team for a few months due to school but I’ve taken a few weeks just to get caught up and understand new things that were added after I left and I feel as I’m comfortable enough to step back into a staffing position here at MineSaga.

My name is Isaiah. I am 21 years old and I am currently studying in school to become a pediatric nurse, however, school is closed until next year so I have plenty of time on my hands to help in anyway possible.I have been playing Minecraft since 2012. My passions outside of the game are drawing, reading, hiking, and I have an undying love for music. Other than the above, I am a pretty boring person haha but if there’s anything else you would be interested in knowing, please let me know!

During these uncertain times with COVID and IRL issues, I have enjoyed connecting with other people that share a lot of the same interest. The community here is just amazing but some can be toxic haha and I feel like I am ready to take my part in stepping into a bigger role again and accomplishing goals for the server and myself. I try to have a good balance of logic and emotion. Sometimes people get worked up or forget that they are in a community that’s suppose to help one another in this virtual world. it is one of the main reasons why I am applying. I have helped many people over the past few years on multiple servers and I will hopefully always have the chance to keep doing so. Video games are an escape for some, a way to decompress in society that continues to push us down, this community helps take away some of that pressure and I am thankful for that.

If I am to be promoted to helper, some things you can expect to see from me are, effort, dedication and an all round helpful and constructive person. In previous experiences, I have not shown favoritism to users, meaning I will ban my best friend if I have to. I am a fast learner, so I can learn about all the plugins and commands if there’s any new ones being used that I haven’t had experience with. I always willing to give others hand with whatever it may be. If you’ve seen me on Skyblock, you will know I put others before myself.

*** —Responsibility— ***
I am a responsible person, not only on the server, but in my everyday life too. I currently hold the responsibilities of a job, and responsibilities of a big brother to one other person. In-Game when I see someone in need of help, I take responsibility and help them. When I see someone breaking rules, I take responsibility and report it to a staff member. I believe I show the responsibility to become a great staff member.

*** — Maturity & Professionalism — ***
I believe I am a very mature player. I am not afraid to voice my honest opinion which is sometimes, a good thing because I am speaking up for the people who think the same, just don't like voicing their opinion. I hope to become a helper not for my personal gain, but for others, as I believe people can really benefit from my advice and my help.

I have experience here at MineSaga and other large scale servers which that makes me feel qualified enough to staff again. I am outgoing, understanding, and a people person. I feel that I understand the needs of the community and this team. I am a motivated and dedicated individual to any project that I undertake and look forward to the opportunity to serve on your team again.

As the server is growing, so will be the requirements for staff, and I believe that I fit that bailer for potential staff candidate. I have been often the leader in majority of my projects in school, and at other situations in the world. I like the position of command, not corruptly, but as someone who likes the position for its power and command over others. I often times would choose the hardest task for myself, as being the leader, it often makes more sense to tackle the tasks fit for the higher qualified individuals.

Becoming part of the staff team is a great opportunity for me and I will show you my capability of managing difficult task and tough situations. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to show myself and I can assure you that me becoming part of the staff team will benefit the server and the community. I will not let anyone down or disappointed and you will not regret about your decision if I am given another opportunity to join the team.

Isaiah / Colletidae

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+1. amazing person, very helpful, nice to chat with. Also former staff. Gl my guy


+1, a lot of details, non toxic person, likes to help... Application 10/10.

Wish you the best of luck,


Administration Team
Staff member
Senior Administrator
Hello there @Colletidae , Unfortunately, we are not accepting applications on our forums anymore. We would love you to apply over on our discord server ( https://discord.gg/minesaga ). Once you have joined you can go to the #support channel and type "-new" and from there the bot will Direct Message you and from there you will select the 7'th option for applications.

From everyone, we wish you very good luck!
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